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Boren currently resides IN Salt Lake City, Utah, where she moved after graduating from the Brigham Young University, Idaho with a bachelor of fine arts degree in printmaking. Her background in travel and culture, particularly classical music, inspires her connection to feelings and ideas- her main source of inspiration. 

Boren's art is a form of expression of feeling, moments, and abstract thought. She works primarily with paint, charcoal, and some non-traditional materials. She is inspired by movement, stroke, and line. She wants the marks to speak for themselves. Her work is the product of a process, and each time this process is different, evolving with her. 

Boren has created ceramics for several years. The simple forms and  physical movements of creation have translated to her current work and small natural details have inspired her paintings. 

Aside from attending upcoming shows, you can also follow her process on Instagram.



about the work

Shapes I see repeated in nature, the way the river ebbs and flows, and the wind does too. My thoughts reflect this. I think this way. My thoughts ebb and flow, moving around themselves, sometimes fluid, sometimes abrupt and striking. Feelings are the same. This is what I wish to reflect in my work. These things that pull us through life, through our moments, through our emotions and our thoughts. I bring these movements to my canvas or paper and reflect these ideas there.  Each of us sees the world differently and explains their feelings and thoughts using different words. I do this here on paper and canvas. 

Working primarily with paint and non-traditional materials for work where movement can be seen and felt. And for my printmaking work, I like to use these same ideas, simplified forms, abstraction of reality, and thought warping physical existence to show subjects I know in my life.