“Warm Sun, Hot Rocks” Essay


I painted this piece thinking of the colors of the warm sun. The comfort that it gives me and the reflection it has on everything around it. It creates a nice glow on very hot days, and kind of burns everything out to a warmer hue. I like to think maybe these raw sienna colors and ochre colors are sun beams, maybe they are that blurry hot air coming up from the hot hot sand or sidewalk. Maybe they are lines i’ve drawn in the burning yellow sand. The sun scorches everything a bit and you want to take off your shoes and shirt, but its actually too hot to touch the sand and rocks or sidewalk. Maybe the shapes are rocks, maybe they are feelings of rocks, maybe the orange shapes are coral or cacti or flowers, maybe they are footprints on frying dirt. Maybe these things are all these things or maybe they are just kind of hallucinations of things like the sun gives me when I look up and its much too bright. Or that dehydrated kind of state of hallucination you fall into on days the sun is scorching down on you. Kind of psychedelic in a way, everything gets a little blurry and fuzzy. Either way, I like the feeling of this, and the warm sun, hot rocks.


“Changes Happening” Essay



“Changes Happening” is a painting reflecting the movements we take throughout our lives, physically and emotionally. Sometimes excitement and chaos intertwined.  This piece was painted in Dallas, TX. The warm desert atmosphere even in the winter makes it a beautiful place where I couldn’t help but feel the sunshine and the cool breezes of “winter” were only refreshing in the heat, nothing like a cold chill. The warm tones of this piece were inspired by the down to earth people, and the bright blue, a color often associated with truth and stability, reflects to me their kindness, transparency, and grounded quality. This painting feels earthy and real to me, just like Dallas, TX. And although this painting is not truly about Dallas, but rather a movement through change in life, I hope it gives you the same feeling of warmth, chaos, excitement and at the same time a quiet peace as it does for me.


“Desert and Sky” Essay



“Desert and Sky” is a painting reflecting the movements of the desert and the sky in New Mexico. The desert provides natural variating shades of orange and pink and the sun gives the sky and the overall atmosphere a burnt haze, so that the sky can appear almost greenish and muted in color. This beautiful landscape full of dust, hazy sun and and the occasional desert rainstorm is abstracted here. There are beautifully teepee shaped rocks called the Tent Rocks with striped lines running through them and along the rock wall next to them. These amazing natural variations are so subtle and beautiful. I wanted to pull this all together in this piece and express my love for a little piece of desert and sky in New Mexico.