Framing is available for any piece. Please send an email inquiry at the bottom of this page or directly to for information on framing your chosen piece.

In-Home Commissions 

This is an option for you if you would like a piece inspired by your own life. Your family, your surrounding area, the vibe of our lifestyle and home, and your ideologies can play into a piece like this. 

Traditional Commission 

A traditional commission piece would entail a collaboration of ideas between the artist and the client. There may be a specific subject that you would like to have painted for your personal collection, or you may choose to give more creative liberties to the artist. 


Cost of travel may be included in your pricing if you choose an in-home commission.

Email for inquiries and details about your commission.




Collaborative work may include working with another artist or a business. This is a great way to work ideas over and to come up with a creative process and a unique piece. 


Group Shows, Businesses, Murals

Email for inquiries and availability for collaborations.




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